If you happen to have one of these people , hold on and enjoy them while you can . They will feel like the best thing that has ever happened to you , but it will feel like total shit whenever they leave . while your with them you might think , they won't ever leave me , but trust me they will . Don't hold on so tightly , trying to save you the trouble . But overall their a pretty good amazing person , and is very impactful . :) - niyah5kid
I love you Jaylen Bland but I hate you at the same time :)
by Niyahpooh March 26, 2022
When someone/a company creates a new brand identity and it is boring and blah (bland) - doesn't do anything for the brand and is pretty much worse than the brand was to begin with.
Customer 1: Did you notice the new logo for that computer store.
Customer 2: Yeah man, but it's boring. They didn't do anything to it. All they did was get themselves a new bland identity. They'll go under in a month.
by DaveMK March 2, 2010
the organ that causes hack writers to have banality boners
His writing is the result of an overactive bland gland
by Wally Keeler February 8, 2009
A homosexual who likes a handful of people of the opposite sex. This term is used to mock those who use “spicy straight
“Those kpop guys are lowkey hot.”
“But you’re gay lol.”
“No. I’m a ✨bland gay✨.”
by that bisexual kpop weeb September 11, 2020
Defines a state of boredom or a lost sense of direction. Can also be used to define a "choke" or "whiff".
1.Damn dude I feel bland out, there's nothing useful about me.

2.Sheesh bro you bland out that clutch though but good try.

3. You good? You bland out on B site bro, bomb planted on A.
by wirelessmoke May 11, 2021
The scientific term for the condition where your eyes and brain stop focusing on text properly because the font used is not very good.

Named after the Black version of overused font Arial.

"I'm sorry, I have Arial Bland. I couldn't read the sign properly because it was in Comic Sans."
by Oni-91 February 4, 2010