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A Small town in Central Oklahoma, just 15 minutes from, known, Norman, Oklahoma (home of OU). I have lived there for 18 years, grew up here. Its one of those towns where everybody knows everybody, literally, and their addresses, and their past. Its a quickly growing town, but still only 2 stop lights. It has a subway, and sonic, and other than the family owned restaraunts thats about it. Its a charming place to live, and the schools are nice and small. Though because everyone knows eveyrone, the teachers dont take their job that serious, and a few have been fired for having affairs, and or, sleeping with high schoolers.(like i said, everyone knows everyone). Though it is just a small town containing one grocery store, and 2 gas stations. It has appr. 8 churches. Very much into their religion (tho the kids are awfully rambunxious) I would never call anywhere but here my hometown. Even tho i am living in korea for 2 years (husband in the army). that is my home.
Blanchard Oklahoma
by Amber McKnight July 16, 2008
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