To Blamm someone is to prove them wrong, and at the same time, humiliate them.
Jon-o: Hah! I bet you can't even get past Fred!
Caz: Smashes through everyone Blammed!
by Caz May 04, 2004
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Black lady, Asian man. The most unlikely couple but one that leads to the most marriage rates.
Perhaps you've heard of BLAM?
by Fancy Walrus June 04, 2020
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A word that can describe/ illustrate anything.
"Bro, she's totally down for some blammin"

"My eyes are red, can you pass the eye blammers?"

"Yeah, last night, I totally tongue blammed my girlfriend's pooper"
by BlammerSupporter August 26, 2014
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used to say that something is dull or boring;however, it is more often used as a random word to shove in the middle of a speech or math lesson to catch attention
The calculus class at school was a real blam.

Mr. Entropy, the math teacher, kept repeating the word blam to keep the students' attention.
by ultrabasshead September 03, 2008
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The updated modern version of SCHWING.
Said when you see an extremely attractive woman.

To give an erection.

The Halo 3 nerd way of saying SCHWING!

Also used to annoy your roommate ( or any person for that matter) by entering a room or approaching an individual and making the (facial, moneyshot motion) while saying BLAM!

A female that is so incredibly attractive you want to ejaculate in her face.

-Jessica Alba... BLAM!
-Tia Carrere... BLAM!
-Nicole Scherzinger... BLAM!
-Lucy Lui... BLAM!
-Somaya Reece... BLAM!
-Christine Dolce... BLAM!

Did you see that girl? She is f'n gorgeous! BLAM!
by MachineShop January 09, 2008
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