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A fictional character in the popular Harry Potter series. He is a Slytherin and is believed to be best friend of fellow house mate Draco Malfoy. Often in fanfiction authors "mistakenly" describe him as white, but in actuality Blaise is black with Italian descent.
If I read one more shitty fanfiction where they describe Blaise Zabini as white, I will find them and eat their babies and/or household pets!
by dj234 June 24, 2011
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Blaise Zabini is a character in Harry Potter that isn't mention in the Harry Potter books a lot but his name is in look you lazy bastards. He was at first said to be a girl but he was affirmed to being a boy by her highness, Rowling herself. In fanfiction, a lot of people put Zabini as Draco's boyfriend or for some people who still like the idea fo him being a girl, his girlfriend. What he looks like is unknown also and so is his sexuality but many people lile to compare him to Harry Potter.
Blaise is such a cool name, don't you think?
by JasRey April 12, 2005
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