A particularily horny boy. Who always manages to make anything sound dirty.
Must have his twice daily wank otherwise gets ridiculously horny and cranky.
Beware of shouts of suprise sex.... means he is going to rape you.
most often heard phrase is "i want hugs!"
"That is such a blaine thing to say"
by nellynips August 31, 2008
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One who perpetrates fraud against another. Snake oil salesman. A man who appears Godly to fleece Godly people.
Never trust a Blaine in sheep's clothing.
"Hey Joey, did you sell all those liquid vitamins in your car?"
"No way man, I couldn't Blaine them onto anyone."
by Unanimass January 10, 2012
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A beautiful half-ethiopian half African American dmv Goddess. Her love is the strongest but cross her wrong and you will be dead to her. The Howard County Sweetheart. Got a vibe and grace to her that cannot be broken.
Damn they don’t make em like Blaine no more.
by Robinhoodie111 May 25, 2018
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A hot read headed bitch. Who totally takes my breath away! He is the sweetest man to his girlfriend.He is the missing half of tiffany's meteor! ! Oh and he is oh so amazing in bed!
Have you met your Blaine yet?
by urMOMisAukele! February 04, 2010
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A nerdy child whose soul purpose inlife is to be ridiculed.
Joe "I feel sad"
Fred "Go find Blaine"
Joe "thats a great idea"
by joaquindk January 01, 2009
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