a man of african descent that is good at martial arts
Look at that African American man kicking those bad guys' asses! He's like Blacky Chan or somethin'!!"
by haannnnaah March 6, 2006
When a black person is a master of any martial arts skill.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Mark?
Guy 2: No what happened?
Guy 1: He started talking noise to this guy and they got in a fight.
Guy 2: Really? Mark's a big guy, he probably knocked him out huh?
Guy 1: No way. This guy knew Taekwondo and kicked Mark's ass! He had to go to the hospital for a broken nose! That guy was like Blacky Chan or something!
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. November 20, 2010
An affectionate nick name given to African American members of Asian fashion communities.
Man that Blacky Chan is such a brand nigga, she be fucking up our fashion shows worse than some random tranny jumpin on the catwalk.
by AE Team July 4, 2008
A Black Dude that knows karate. Combonation of "Black" and "Jackie Chan".
No Blackie Chan, Break the Board with your hand, not your .22...
by Boxy Brown May 31, 2006
Person A: how was that party last night dude?
Person B: dont ask me I was blackie channed, probally made a fool out of myself.
Person A:nice, you were probally that kid.
by Jamalze jr July 3, 2009
A black man with the ability to look incredibly tough, by either fighting or just giving off an appearance of toughness. Usually this is in movies or video games.
good examples for blackie chan are Mr. T, Mike Tyson, the black guy from Halo, Morpheus, the guy from gta san andreas.
by GodsOfWar July 10, 2009
A person that is half black and half asian. Also known as Burned Rice or Blasian. THEY KILL EVERYTHING!!!
Guy: who is that?
Person: idk but the looks like a Blackie Chan.
Guy: cool.
by Vuietnam November 24, 2010