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The blackout game, also known as the fainting game, speed dreaming, or the choking game, is a game where a person causes themselves to pass out for a few seconds. Most people don't think it affects them that much, but it kills millions of brain cells. Some people hang themselves right before they choke themselves to die, just to make sure they pass out. Some people have a friend either press on the veins of their neck or have a friend hold them and push their stomach in. They do this so they pass out but stop right before they have a chance to die, but some people are too late.
Most people who do it are teenagers. They do it because they're friends do it most of the time. It's a bad idea, because people CAN die. DO NOT PLAY IT!
These are all other names used:
Airplaning, America Dream Game, Black Boxing, Black Out Game, Breath Play, Breathing the Zoo, Bum Rushing, California Blackout, California Choke, California Dreaming, California Headrush, California High, California Knockout, Catching Some Zs, Choking Game, Cloud Nine, Crank, Dream Game, Dreaming Game, Dying game, Fall Out Game, Flat Liner, Flatline Game, Flatliner Game, Funky Chicken, Getting Passed Out, Grandma's Boy, Groobling, Halloween, Harvey Wall Banger, High Riser, Hoola Hooping, Hyperventilation Game, Indian Headrush, Knockout Game, Passing Out Game, Pass-out Game, Purple Dragon, Natural High, Neckies, Redline, Rising Sun, Rocket Ride, Sandboxing, Sleeper Hold, Sleepers, Space Monkey, Speed Dreaming, Suffocation Game, Suffocation Roulette, The Game, The Mysto World, Tingling Game, Trip to Heaven
Jane: Ricky was playing the blackout game.
Maggie: What happened to him?
Jane: He tried suffocating himself and he didnt let go in time.
by madisonloves4 April 04, 2009
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