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Possibly the most shit collection of twats to be placed on this earth. These 19 year old lads choose to put 14 year old girls in tutus on their music videos, and sing about drugs they can't spell.

The absolute worst thing to ever reach fame, and the absolute worst influence for children today.

Blackout crew, you are shit. Accept it. You live in Bacup, you are already scum. Don't drag yourself and the entire of Britain down with you.
matee put a donk on it ye?
na man, im shaggin some 14 year old
good shit man
cmon lets daterape to blackout crew yes yes 234.
by I fucking hate BOC. July 10, 2008
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When you and friends drink so much that all senses and memories of the night before are forgotten. Some might go as far as taking a quad down a cliff. You have to give 0 f**ks to truly accomplish this. This act of blacking out is such a bad ass manor everyone will give you props. When the sounds of a rusty tuba is heard you will know what to do

Warning: The loss of friends family and animals may occur.
Example 1:
You: hey Lexi lips welcome to the blackout crew. I'm going to clean you out like a four year old.

Ex 2:
I can't wait to blackout tonight!!!! BLACKOUT CREW REUNITE!!!
by Leader of the BOC May 06, 2013
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