Being inundated and exhausted trying to be on top of all your email 24/7 with your handheld mobile device
Now that I have a BlackBerry, I feel obliged to attend to all my email day and night, it makes me feel BlackBuried
by abbayyo March 11, 2009
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When a co-worker is out of the offce for the day and buries you with his work via a blackberry or mobile device.
I'm out of the office tomorrow and I am going to blackbury my assistant.
by Timmy Detox September 02, 2010
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to be inundated with email/voicemail/text on your mobile device.
Steven: "Dude, let's go. The movie starts in 20 minutes."

Alan: "Sorry, man. It's not even 1:00pm and I am already Blackburied!"
by BoquillasKid May 11, 2009
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