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One of the most beautiful races of women on Earth. Black girls have curves (natural ones, I should add), class, style, and (most times) rhythm. Although there are a few Kfc'chickeniqua ratchet black girls out there, most real black women know how to carry themselves. No matter what race you are, you've probably been attracted to a black woman before. Their down to earth nature, exotic hair, dark skin that white women spend hours baking in the sun to achieve, glorious bodies, and determination make black girls some of the most beautiful women on earth.
Mark (white boy): Damn, did you see that black girl?
Jake (black boy): Yeah, I'd tap that!

Becky: This is my black friend, Chelsea! She likes cool aid and KFC.
Chelsea: Actually I'm a vegetarian so I can't eat at KFC.

Josh had Jungle Fever, he only dated black girls.
by bbgum January 05, 2015
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The most genetically diverse race of women. They come in all shades and all nationalities. They conform to their own standards of beauty as theyre features are much different from other girls. There are so many beautiful dark princesses in Africa and South America but most people only have their limited experiences with the poverty ridden , "dont give a fuck" kinds in American ghettos.
GUY 1: Dang, I saw this sudanese girl yesterday, I swear she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
GUY 2: Yeah Black girls are hot as hell.
by Zacky OG December 16, 2016
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The best girls there are. Them and hispanic women. Because they have color, rhythm and they actually have full figures, which means titty's and ass. Most white girls don't have ass. All of them don't have color, because you're not a colored person just because you get a tan for all you retards out there. And most, I'm not saying all, but most don't have rhythm.
White Boy: Man! me and my girlfriend fucked last night but she didn't have enough cushion for the ushion.

Black Boy: You should try Black Girls fam, they have titty's and ass.

White Boy: Thinks black kid you're right. "Hyde, we're thew" "What's up Janiqua, wanna come to my apartment"
by TreyKwon September 07, 2007
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slang for a black gun, for example

you know we keep that black girl!
by lildee214 September 20, 2007
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