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Any of several brands of thick, tight-fitting & dark-coloured serpentine rubber penile sheaths produced with rough, ribbed or studded surfaces, designed to enhance the width of the penis, & increase friction in the vagina. Often embellished with a flaring hood which enlargens the glans & the length of the member, enabling deeper penetration into the uterus.

Typically manufactured in 2 variants:

1. Andhra Black Cobra Condoms - Large (L, XL) versions for Negroid-Australoid men, named after the gigantic Andhra Black Cobra (Naja naja madrasiensis).

2. Pakistan Black Cobra Condoms - Small (S, XS) versions for Caucasoid-Mongoloid men, named after the diminutive Pakistan Black Cobra (Naja naja karachiensis) & alluding to the notoriously small size of the Asian Pakistani Penis.

Since time immemorial the Black Cobra has been a symbol of Afro-Dravidian phallic prowess. Thus, a large market naturally exists among Blacks in South India, the West Indies & Greater Nigeria. Moreover, since these studded & hooded sheaths increase the actual (& not merely the perceived) size of the penis, Black Cobras are very popular in North India, the Himalayas, Maghreb, Malaya & Dixie, where local males have to compete with larger-penised Afro-Dravidian men for the favours of their own womenfolk & consequently, adopt all means to 'measure up' to their Black rivals. However, these Asian-European rubbers have to be produced in much smaller sizes. Hence the above distinction.
1) Paki Begum: Ya Allah! I love when you chod (fuck) me with those Black Cobra Condoms! They make your small Paki Dick thicker! AND the hood makes it longer & go in so deep!
Paki Boy: I love it too because it makes me feel like I have a Sambar Nigger Dick!

2) "In Chitwan & Kaski districts the brands of condoms found in pharmacies & shops were Black Cobra, Black King Kong, Black Python, Bull, Cobra, Dhal, Durex Performa, Durex Superthin, Fire ecstacy, Game, Inspiral, Jodi, Kamasutra, Kohinoor, Max herbal, Max strawberry, Maya, Nightlight, Okamato, Okamato crown, Okamato DotHot, Okamato French Kiss, Panther, Safe, Skinless Skin, Stad, Touch Convenience Patent, Trishna & Vibrating condoms." ('Evaluation of USAID/Nepal's Key Social Marketing & Franchising Project: AIDS, Reproductive Health, & Child Survival (N-MARC)' Dr Yagya Bahadur Karki, Khaagendra Adhikary & Dr Ashok Dev Pande, Kathmandu: March 15, 2010, p16 ftn 17)

3) They are also popular across the South Chinese world, where centuries of importation of Dravida & African slaves imply stereotypes of Black macrophallism have developed strong roots: "Our company, Carrasco Trading are offering Latex Condoms for export from India ... Brands under our manufacturers' control include Black Cobra, Thrill, Oasis, & Fusion condoms to name a few. Range includes Plain, Flavoured, Dotted, Multi textured, Extra Thick / Thin ... Carrasco Trading, 21 Virginia Road, Hong Kong." (
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 12, 2012
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