The black plague is a term used by people who cannot differentiate between the disease called the (bubonic/pneumonic) plague and the pandemic referred to as the black death (assumed to be caused by the plague).
Bob keeps talking about the black plague and I can't tell if he is talking about the plague or about pandemic called the black death.
by Mr. Primrose July 3, 2020
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Similar to the "Bieber Fever", the Black Plague is a very deadly disease, and highly contagious. Thanks to Rebecca Black, she has spread this new disease to million and possible billions of innocent people.
Logan: Ugh, Bro! I cant get that stupid Rebecca Black song "Friday" out of my head!!

Shane: Hmmm this sounds really similar to the "Bieber Fever".

Michael: No dude, its worse. I think Logan has caught..."THE BLACK PLAGUE!"

*crying & sobbing*
by Dragon Lust April 1, 2011
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The Rebecca Black epidemic that has infected most of today's youth.

Black's new single, "Friday", went viral 5 days after being posted on a comedian's blog. The song itself is horribly written, composed and produced. Rebecca now has millions of views on youtube and has been twittered as much as Japan's crisis of 2011.

Wikipedia claims that her video is referred to as, "a youtube laughingstock" and there is not one critic that favors the song. Bottom line: she is famous for being shit at what she does.
Boy 1: Dude, did you hear about the song Friday?
Boy 2: What, that shit song where that girl can't choose what seat to take?
Boy 1: It's all over the internet, i want to burn my eyes out!
Boy 2: yeah man, it's the Black Plague.
by whatseatshoulditake March 17, 2011
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A disease that affects the mind, caused by listening to Rebecca Black too much and becoming a fan of her. Similar to Bieber Fever and usually fatal.
Guy 1: I'm in love with Friday! It's such an awesome song!

Guy 2: oh shit, the black plague has infected him. I suppose there's only one way to save him now *cocks shotgun*
by bobertman April 8, 2011
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The black plague or black death was a disease epidemic that spread throughout Europe in the mid 14th century. This was mostly due to the bubonic plague. The disease traveled through rat flea bites. Symptoms such as headache, fever, and swelling of lymph nodes were common and sometimes bloody sputum. When the plague was over, 1/3 to 1/2 of the European population was killed. Deaths caused riots, harsher persecution of Jews, and religious fanatics that would go about punishing themselves. The result was a major factor in the beginning of the renaissance.
The most deadly plague in human history is the black plague.
by omgbutters August 15, 2011
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Much like Bieber Fever, this nasty disease is a term to describe the new sensation created by 13-year YouTube phenomenom, Rebecca Black and her hit single, "Friday". How such an utterly untalented little shithead like Rebecca Black can get a record deal is beyond me, but I suppose if Justin Bieber can get famous, then so can she.
Rebecca Black fan: Screw Bieber Fever, I've got the Black Plague!
by PJ Queen March 18, 2011
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A burning, unquenchable desire to have sex with a black person. Similar to Yellow Fever in that it is a racial sexual affinity.

Warren: I feel like stealing the pants from hot black girls.

JohnFitzgibbonsIII: You got the black plague.

Warren: I do.
by JohnFitzgibbonsIII July 5, 2006
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