Colloquial term for any cola based drink that is a godsend during any hangover session.
A: Mate I'm soooo hungover
B: (handing A a Coke) I reckon a trip to the black doctor is in order.
by nitens May 19, 2014
Another name for Coca-Cola when drank after a heavy night of drinking.
"Man I'm so hungover I think only the black doctor will settle my stomach"
by Jo Bloggs III May 6, 2012
Another name for a Guinness (Irish Dry Stout).
Let's head down to the pub for a black doctor. The Black Doctor is the best cure for a hangover.
by Le Grand Cheval March 15, 2017
A person of African American descent that has recieve a higher education and has earned a doctorial degree in a specfic field of studies.
A black guy that is in dental school, medical school, or in a graduate school.

Ex: A black male or female that has graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry.

Bruce is attending Baylor College of Dentistry to become a black doctor.
by a black doctor February 3, 2010
Something that is un-herd of

He usuly is riding his bike and then he was struck by a lightning and then he can read real fast and is good at scince and math. And when asked where he got the bike you must promptly say "He stole it!"
"Did you heir about Trevor i heir he was ridding he bike, and got struck by lightin! now he's plaing to be a Black Doctor!"
by Sok670001 October 29, 2011
an alcoholic drink composed of Dr. Pepper and any mint flavored mouthwash
Damn, im so hungover from drinking too many black doctors last night
by PSDR March 31, 2013