The extra money that black professionals are expected to give every month to support their less fortunate family and extended families.
The burden of black tax causes the financial distress to middle class professionals as they usually have no savings left after having to share their salaries with the entire family.
by SimplyK42 March 14, 2018
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The notion that Black people have to work and perform regular task twice as well as White people.
The teacher black taxed us on our project. Susan and Dena did not do half the work we did.
by Im the consequence April 21, 2006
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The higher prices that black people have to pay for

1) goods - often due to a lack of large grocery stores, mass market discounters

2) insurance, mortages, loans

due to their ethnicity
Buffy and Biff can get a lower rate on a home mortgage than Rasheed and LaShawna due to the black tax.
by silverkris March 17, 2008
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A bill passed by Joe Biden on black history month for those who are not black to give a black person a 1 a day throughout black history month.
Where’s my black tax at I’m black you owe me
by Abbacchio February 9, 2023
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U.K. Slang. Calling dibs. Has the same definition as "bagsy" - to claim something for yourself - but is more powerful.

A "bagsy tax black magic" is the ultimate form of dibs. It beats the second highest dibs; "bagsy tax", and lastly, the least authoritative; "bagsy".
Bob: "Geez some chuggy."
Alice: "There's wan left."
Bob: "Bagsy"
Chris: "Bagsy tax" *Chris claims the chuggy from Bob*
Chris: "Yaaaas, ya fucken wank-stain."
Dick: "Bagsy tax black magic" *Dick unleashes the power of a bagsy tax black magic and omnipotently claims the chuggy*
Dick: "Ya dancer!"
by MistaGobo March 21, 2022
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