Originally observed during an urgent, unplanned wardrobe transition from business attire to comfortable clothes at the onset of band practice, the term, 'Black Sock', evolved symbolically from a stereotypical garment donning of conformity (working for 'the man') to a statement of transformation, rebellion, commitment, fun, freedom and an unrelenting promulgation of ingenious collaboration with band mates. Sometimes chanted in the form of familiar choral revelries so as to induce and incite a frolic oriented 'BLACK SOCK' dance as an acknowledgement of symbiotic creativity among band mates.
Scenario Form and Description
Band member shows up to practice in business attire, quickly changes into shorts and a shirt, realizes he does not have extra socks, embarrassingly saunters into the arena with his guitar + comfortable clothes wearing his black business socks. Band mates, quick to observe and curtail said identity kerfuffle caused by the leftover business garments, initiate a chant:
"D Dog, Yes!!!



BLACK SOCK mutha fu**** gonna dance all night"
At the induced choral behest of his band mates, D Dog drops his instrument and proceeds to entertain his comrades with an accompanying Court Jester tempo oriented kick swap dance as a method of activating band member creativity.
by Charitable Disguise November 9, 2019
aka brown sock. When a person is extremely promiscuous when it comes to anal sex they have higher odds of getting a pink sock, therefore when their bowels are so often exposed to the elements they become blackened from exposure, dragging through the dirt, etc.
That slut takes it up the ass so often you have to watch out you don't step one her (as a gay man would refer to another) black sock dragging in the dirt.
by Frostville October 20, 2007
In jail, you get many varieties of prolapsed rectums, and the black sock occurs when one penetrates or sodomizes a north american land ape, a.k.a. an african american.
"damn dawg, that bitch be so fine lookin, he be asking fo da black sock tonite"
by Dibblesnapps123 March 8, 2009
(Verb) - When one uses a black sock to clean up the remains after the act of sexual intercourse.
Kid 1 - Hey why is this black sock all crusty?

Kid 2 - I use it to clean up after sex.

Kid 1 - Black Socking is for cool kids!

*high five*
by Keegs171 January 7, 2010
1) a garment worn over your feet in a variety of colours

2) something your stick over your cockwhen your having a wank or to wipe up the aftermath

3) SOCK can also be use to indicate you suck cock.

4) Gay sex isnt gay if you wear a Black Sock

5) when a womens pussy or gay mans batty tissue folds in and out around a penetrating penis...looking like a rolled up sock in the process

6) to give it someone, sock it to me, can be used as a threatening, or sexual expression. Also coined in Aretha Franklins RESPECT song.
Hmmm john where is my black sock?,
In my ass dave

Im gonna sock that twat in the face
Okay john

im gonna Sock it to you Dave
Okay john open wide.. ...good job we used a condom it looks like a Black sock John
by Gaybruma July 14, 2019
A physical ailment when you take off your black socks after a hard days work and you're feet are covered in black fuzz.
Girl1: So how was your night last night <wink wink>

Girl2: well i was stripping him down and his feet were covered in some black fuzz... :/

Girl1: I hate it when my man has black sock syndrom
by $e9a February 28, 2010