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That one dark thought or memory, that's always there, no matter how hard you try to forget. Comes back when you're feeling low, and escalates your low to a whole new level of dark.
"That voice in my head,

every time I think it's gone,

it comes howling back.

Calls me when I'm ailing,

when I can't find my way home.

Lost in the pines

I calls it the Black Snake Moan." Lazarus Redd
by Pseudonomnomnomnom January 09, 2013
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The sound of pleasure or pain a person makes when a large black member is inserted into their anus or vagina.

She let out a loud black snake moan as he slowly inserted his engorged black member into her hot wet vagina.
by Forsen August 06, 2007
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The sound a person makes when they have been on the toilet for a long time trying to push out a dry shit after being constipated.
Justins leg shook as he forced out a black snake moan his body sweating profusely as the long hard turd finally splashed into the toilet.
by zenjiedo_68 September 30, 2009
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