Joe: Hey fuck you nigger!
Henry: Woah! you racist asshole
Joe: I'm not racist I have a Black President.
by iiHypno June 8, 2009
A morally strong minded analyzer and decision maker for a Country. Protector of the people. Has common sense of praticality, sensiblity, and getting to the point. Is knowledgable of solving on going problems and can understand people from all walks of life. A colored strong good moral President.
A Black President is what the USA needs for a change. So many years and lives have been extremely screwed over by pale faced blood sucking goblins.
by Homark Central August 24, 2008
something we wont see in this life time
Clinton was the closest thing we will have to a black president for the next 1-2 centuries
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
Some one who is on edge or nervous most of the time.
Guy 1: "Dude, stop being like a Black President's security"

Guy 2: "Sorry, I just forgot to study for the test!"
by haloman332 April 19, 2010
After hearing 4 separate people complain about Barrack Obama in a day; all without it being relevant to the topic at hand, I decided to come up with a new theorem... I copied this idea from Mike Godwin and his "Godwin Law". Credited goes to him.
"As white peoples' discussions grow longer and more intense in complaining, the probability that Obama being blamed for their grievances approaches 1."
Me: "Well, looks like I'm going to get laid off next week."
White guy: " psh, you know whose fault it is?! It's Obama's fault! He's trying to take our guns away."
Me: "I don't see how this relates .."
White guy: " You know he's not even American!"
Me: "(To myself) Black President Theorem came up fast in this talk."
by T2o8 August 10, 2015
The mental illness some caucasian Americans have since Barack Obama, an African-American, was elected as the first black, and the 44th President of the United States.
Most political conservatives, "Tea Party" teabag members, and Skin-heads may want to admit themeselves into the nearest psych ward for suffering from Post Traumatic Black President Disorder (PTBPD) before they hurt someone or themselves.
by Rhoot July 8, 2010