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1. Usually misunderstood to be something akin to the African-American version of White Supremacy, Black Nationalism arose as a political movement in the 60s and 70s out of the belief that America as it existed was an essentially hostile environment for African-Americans and as such, African-Americans should resist integration efforts and seek out a separate nation for itself. Black Nationalists stressed pride in their identity and ancestry.
Folks who think Black Nationalists are racist don't understand the term and never experienced the intense hatred experienced by Black Americans in the Deep South.
by Fantastic_Dan March 12, 2005
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A simple and only possible resorting for blacks to stay unified and achieve a greater pride when they feel violated or pretty much "the white man has fucked me over again." In addition, a good strategy to discard equality with a hidden agenda similar to white supremacy gains - the only difference is whites got caught. In other words, it is ok for a black to say, β€œI am proud” and children to be taught to choose a black brother over a white.

Black Nationalism is merely on the lines of KKK.
Black crosses with flames versus white crosses with flames?
by isuckaeye March 17, 2004
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The belief that there should exist a "black-only nation" in the united states, and the racist belief that Black people are superior to any other race.

Under this vew, it is okay to attack, criticise, use racials slurs against, and even beat and murder white people solely because they are white.
Look at that cracker Honkey, you cracker...

That's racist

I can't be racist, I don't have power.

With your own black state you do, racist. Now piss off racist bitch.
by dave July 10, 2004
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