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The modern piano fan’s way to be offended by anti-black racism while at the same mocking the PC and Black Lives Matter.

In Traditional, Europe-based Music Notation the black keys on a piano only have slave names. The white keys all have the letter names A, B, C, D, E, F or G. But all of the lowly black piano keys are called a ‘sharp’ or a ‘flat’ of their white supremacist piano keyboard neighbors.

The black keys are like welcoming servants who help the player navigate the keyboard by sight or by touch. And they don’t even have their own letter names! OMG! How racist is that?
“Hey man you and your piano are blocking traffic. Do ya need help gettin’ that upright off the street?”

“I’m here to raise awareness of the plight of the black piano keys. They all got the slave names of their white key neighbors. The black keys are oppressed by white key supremacists. Can you tell me what’s so special about the whiteys that they get such special treatment?”

“Well... lookin’ at your piano I can see the white keys have different shapes and the black keys all look the same.”

“All the blacks look alike to you! You must be a piano racist. Get outta here you ignorant, Nazi white key supremacist! Black Keys Matter! Black Keys Matter! ... ”
by pianocheater September 20, 2016
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