A teammate in a pickup basketball game who won't pass to save his life...The ball goes in and won't come back out.
Don't pass to dude in the blue shorts, he's a black hole.
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
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-Commonly regarded as the point of insection of any object compressed to within its Schwarzschild radius, at which it begins to collaps inward...
-but more generally a condition in which an equation governing a physical law is pushed to an extreame not possible according to itself...
...essentially a physical manifestation of an asymptote or a infinite limit, solved for any complex equation...
-for instance at some point any gravity related law can be manipulated to result in, oh say, a non-finite mass or in-constant time...
---Let me try and simplify, mathamatically the sum of an infitinte series can be infinite, physically it cannot, yet any physical equation can be integrated into a form where it can yeild similar results...
uhh, let me try again........
-the sum of all mass in the universe is infinite, not too hard to accept
-the sum of that infinite mass can be confined within a finite space, can't quite wrap your brain around it conceptually, so we call it a Blackhole!!
I took a combination of Theoretical-Mathamtics, and Philosophy courses my first semester, so this is how I define a Blackhole...
by q4 June 09, 2004
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A nickname for someone who is so deep within another man's ass-hole even light cannot escape.
You can call me the blackhole because I will be so deep even light cannot escape (from your asshole).
by PussyDestroyer9000 March 25, 2014
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a scientific myth that is grounded on the so-called lorentz' contraction (the idea that space gets distorted). it contradicts the POV (persistence of vision, the idea that space only appears to get distorted, because time takes a while to travel).
noone's ever seen a black hole. all the pictures the academia presents are digital artworks.
by sabicu November 10, 2013
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A fun thing to do in your free time!

(i'm not gay tho!1!111!)
"Yo me and my bros ate a black hole yesterday!"
"Yo that's sick bro!"
by Xexdeh January 01, 2020
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A girl who's vag is SO wide and SO deep you can't see the end of it. Nothing can escape it
Matt " dude I so wanna bang that lyssa girl, I heard she'll bang anyone"

Friend " dude don't that girls a blackhole! If you value your manhood don't go near that shit!"
by ShawtyIsA10 September 10, 2010
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a theory of an object in space, which is believed to consume anything, that enters into it.
Kyle thinks blackholes are Fact, but he's an idiot so a blackhole must have consumed his brain.
by poonjah April 26, 2005
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