The act of "docking" ones anus with another's anus. Similar to the docking of uncircumcised male weeners only, this time its anus edition. Like two intergalactic black-holes ripping asunder the very fabric of space and time; light could never escape these converging holes!
Hey, get that crusty anus over here and black-hole me!

I met this rockin boi at the mall today and he totally asked me to black hole him tonight. Better clean out the old wrinkled raisin!

"Sir, the ship is passing between two black-holes now"
The captain grabs a glass of whiskey raising the plastic edge to his lips,
"God help us all..."
by Alex and Lauren September 29, 2010
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Black holes are rarely seen creatures that operate in the shadows. If anything is left lying around or falls off a table, a black hole might (for they are decreasing in number) run past and swallow it up. The reasons for them doing so are unknown but what is odd is that some of them redeposit what they've swallowed at a different location. Not to be confused with thieving gypsy bastards.
"Has anyone seen my pen?" - typical response after a black hole feeding session.
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
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A ridiculously hairy asshole, so dark it gives the appearance of a black hole.
Alex just showed me his black hole.
by DeerQueef September 10, 2009
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a night when you and everyone you're with blacks out
Last night was a black hole. Nobody remembers anything.

We totally black holed last night. All I know is that I'm pretty sure we partied.
by rynomite July 14, 2010
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In porn, a black hole is when the guy is doing the girl missionary or doggy style, and the camera is behind the guy showing his anus. Staring into the black hole will steal your soul.
I was watching Do It Doggy Style, when they kept showing the guy's black hole. I didn't want to lose my soul, so I turned it off.
by ein wrose September 01, 2010
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Someone notorious for not returning money borrowed from friends. ie. Steve Turkey
"dude, I wonder how much baby formula that black hole can buy with my money"
by Jeanie March 03, 2006
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