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The sensation of being "stoned" or "high" and feeling incredibly black. The feeling is usually brought upon after listening to 90's hip hop and such artists as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Black Moon, Smith N Wessun, Biggy, Pac, or any other affiliates. Sometimes the type of vehicle used to "bake out" cand determine the amount of black in said "high". For instance a black high will be at a higher level inside of a '77 Caddy deville rather than a toyota prius. Other factors include attire i.e. bandanas, doo rags, baggy clothing, and other forms of "black" apparel. Smoking out of a blunt rather than a joint or bong also increases the amount of blackness you are experiencing while high.
Person 1: Hey man whats goin' on?

Person 2: Not much wanna smoke a blunt
Person 1: Sorry can't get that black high


Person 1: Yo nigguh how you feelin'?
Person 2: Black high
by niglit25 November 13, 2009
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