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A group of black people who believe that they are the real israelites, they can usually be found preaching on street corners in NYC. They believe that all whites are going to hell no matter what they do. When you call them racists they say its not racist it's the truth. They shout obscenities calling white people faggots, devils or edomites. One of their favorite things to do is twist the words of the bible around to make it say what ever they want it to say. It's usually completely false and wind up looking like fools.
Black hebrew israelite: You white people don't believe in Jesus, Ya'll ain't nothing but devils.

Man#1: What are those fools talking about?

Man#2 shit i don't know it sounds like irrational bullshit to me.

Man#1: I guess that is one of these Black Hebrew Israelites people keep talking about.
by ApacheWarrior November 14, 2009
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