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A word commonly used to describe a black man's with an exceptionally large penis. Describes in two words what happens when a black man whips out his penis.
When asked why he's called black hammer, "Because when I whip out my penis it hits the floor and makes a thud."
Gamer name: BlackHammer
by SlapDatHoe February 15, 2014
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The hammer kept under your bed to be used to assult or seriously harm people of ethnic origin should they attempt to break into your residence.
A group of ghetto gansta's attempt to rob your crib, so you break out the black hammer and have at 'em.
by thelastinline July 19, 2009
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Paladin from WoW hellfire server, super minted dude with best best armor n weapons for his lvl!
blackhammer is the shit
by the-evil February 18, 2008
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Nick named used for your man when he WORKS HARD
A man that works hard for his family but works even harder when he's making love to his woman..
Knick name used when your man is glued to his video game after a hard days work...
Knick name used when

by Mrs.Hammer December 20, 2016
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Not your average Male; he surpasses the little boys. He is Blonde hair, WHITE, with a HUGE COCK.
Black Hammer Approved.
Vaginal Domination
by Valkyrie420 November 24, 2016
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