When you shit your pants and put a bitches face between your ass cheeks and clench
Last night I went over too Josh’s Moms house and totally black faced her, she was surprisingly into it
by psnKoda January 17, 2021
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a white man who get make up done to look like a black man for a movie
by mrs. cutie bird August 13, 2008
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People that work in call centers. this phrase was created due to the fact that most people work in call centers in United States are black.
Dude, everytime I call Dell customer service, I either got routed to India or I get to speak with one of the black faces.
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Referring to a sex act, in which one partner releases feces into their hands and continues to smear it onto their other partners face.
"Did you hear that last night Jon let his wife put him in Black Face and that he's still walking around with it on today?"
by NoahL November 30, 2007
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being cheated you out of something. someone causing lose something.basically being screwed.
I made a bet with him and lost 20 bucks..I was black faced!!!
by Avielle May 8, 2007
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The Black Face Mammy was a very rear breed of a Pitbull type dog that was first discovered in Everett, MA in 1996. The first Black face Mammy to make the News was named FLEX. He has saved his owners life from a fire Feb 14,1998. The Black face Mammy was a fawn colored large dog with a human size head, black mask and featured a strong muscular build weighting in about 135 lbs. at his peak. This very special breed of Dog was an amazing animal that was mostly known for his human like docile personality and large goofy ears, that made his intimidating look desirable.. Unfortunately there hasn't been any Black Face Mammy sited since March 1, 2010. The Black Face Mammy was an Epic breed of Dog that will hopefully come back one day.
We had a Black Face Mammy Dog named Flex that we miss him very much. There will never be another dog like him as I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Flex the Black Face Mammy saving my live. He will forever be my Angel and never be forgotten.
by Flex Angel March 2, 2014
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The act of using GIFs and pictures of Black people reacting to things on Social media
guy:"Oh my god dude that was a funny me may look at what I replied"
Guy2: "Holy crap dude you used a GIF of Kevin Hart...That's Digital Black Face"
by H3H3Missionary September 12, 2017
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