A holiday exactly two months after Valentine's. Also known as Single's Awareness Day. Single people(usually teenagers) wear black.
"Did you know Black Day's tommorow?"
"Why? You single?"
by Jordyann April 04, 2008
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The day after Thursday and before Saturday (where Sunday comes afterwards)

On Rebecca Black day it is, for unknown reasons, more difficult than on any other day to pick a seat on the bus
Person 1: Hey bro, when will you be celebrating your B-day party?

Person 2: Sup bro, it will be on Rebecca Black day the 18th of September

Person 1: Aight, see you then
by KateMoon August 26, 2015
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Jan 16th Martin Luther King Day
The Black Groundhog always sleeps in and we get stuck with six more weeks of black history
Lotta folks visiting at the detention center on Black Groundhog Day, way more than Father's Day
by 8peyote January 14, 2017
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A memorial day, created in 1969 by Panamanian-born activist, historian, and playwright, Carlos E. Russell. It is annually observed the day before Election Day in November, the first Monday of the month. Its purpose is for African diasporic people to exercise a 24- hour moratorium from shopping or participating in other commercial activity such as using the transit system. You can only spend money at Black owned businesses. The Pan-African ideal of the observance is to highlight racial inequality and the gap between the wealthiest of one of the most powerful nations in the world and those living in poverty.
"I'm telling everyone in my family not to spend one dime on Black Solidarity Day."
by IBTAL October 28, 2019
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BGD only involves black girls obvi its every single day but people usually celebrate it at the 3th of

july. It's a moment to celebrate and thank god that he made black girls. You usually go out clubbing and having fun with only black people.
Hey Tanisha, guess what? It's Black Girl Day tomorrow!
by bxnzouzi May 03, 2019
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A day of solitude for people of color.
An example is the Tiktok Blackout where people focused on black creators and gave them extra love.
Black out day on July 7th, 2020 asks all people of color to not spend a dollar. A life costs so much, so we have to show them (the police) that they cannot just take it away so easily.
Friend: What is black-out day?
Me: A day of change. Love will shine throughout <3
by xc24ra May 29, 2020
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