To be cast aside, shunned, given the short end of the deal. "Shafted"
She totally rejected me, threw me away and didn't look back, i was completely black balled.
by brantleycmd December 6, 2010
The act of socially embarrassing someone. Originally popularized by taking a unpopular person, getting them drunk and painting their balls black.

That jerk, Jimmy was at the party last night where they got him drunk and black balled him.
by /<razy /<anuck January 8, 2009
To lose a game without scoring a single point. Often used in card games and sometimes reffered to as Black Nuts. Usually there may be a rule in place, that if u are "Black Balled" u cant play anymore for 3 to 7 days. Therefore labeling you as Banned!
You mad cuz he Black Balled u? Don't b mad. People get black nuts put on their head all the time.
by Howard_HUZE September 19, 2016
Being either physically or socially screwed over by your girlfriends ex-boyfriend.
I cant go to this party tonight cause I was black balled.

If I wasnt black balled from that bar we could go.

Yeah all my friends are there, but he is there also so I guess I am black balled.

I have black balls because of my girlfriend not blue.
by Backstreet Boy Stl March 13, 2011
Identical to the youtube event in which one is "Rick Rolled" with the exception that instead of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, one is subjected to the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black.
Person-"Hey did you see the new Transformers trailer?"
Other Person-"Not yet"
P-"Dude its fucking sweet, gimme a second"
(video begins to play Friday)
P-" WTF!?!?!?!"
OP- "dude, you just got black balled"
by MR. Anonomous April 28, 2011
When an ex-employer gives you a bad reputation with other potential employers regardless of your performance. Essentially defamation but in business.
"Hey man, did you get the job?

"Nah dude. Things looked good at first but my recruiter just told me they aren't interested. I think one of my old bosses is black balling me."
by cbrown11696 May 20, 2019
Mike really learned his lession this winter about walking naked through a blizzard he got black balls and his face was literally frozen solid.
by LMxDurgex December 25, 2008