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Arkansas. It is the exact oppostie of Kansas, a land of pure evil. The people of Kansas plan to enslave earth. That's why Bizarro-Kansas, or Arkansas, was created. The Arkansans live their lives to balance out all the wrong doings that Kansas does. In 2032, the Arkansas and the Kansans will finally get into a war. If the Kansans win, Earth will be enslaved in darkness. If Arkansas wins, world peace will come. In this war, every state will be conquered by either Kansas or Arkansas. Eventually, the states will begin conquering countries.
Every dark event that has happened in history, Kansas is responsible for. Arkansas undid most of these evil deeds.
The reason why it is pronounced Are-Kan-saw is so the U.S. citizens won't get suspicious.
by The Zookeeper June 14, 2005
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