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Someone who obsessively develops their physical appearance to an impossible standard of human beauty and perfection, yet remain insecure and unpleasant in their personal interactions and relationships.

This can be achieved through extreme dieting, exercise, grooming, cosmetic surgery and augmentation, dental work, material possessions, education, career success, family connections or religious convictions or anything that achieves a belief of superiority to everyone else, but remain unhappy, unfulfilled and have underdeveloped interpersonal skills.
Don't even both try talking to that guy at the gym with the killer six pack. He's just another bitter beauty too lost in the mirror to give workout tips or his phone number.

You're not even in that bitter beauty's league, dude. She'll shoot you down with a look before you even get close enough to see her eye color.

The new dance club was packed with drunken bitter beauties providing their usual false hope of getting laid that night or even a mercy date.
by Leatherlaird July 03, 2009
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