A person that is hott, but has a streak of bitchyness in them. They can be mean, but is usually just sarcastic.

Made up in October 2004
by Barbie S. November 24, 2005
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When a group of women gather and loiter.
Let's go hang out with thos bitchies over there.
by Kunphution May 01, 2009
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1. The plural form of bitchy adj.

A. Regarding multiple subjects being bitchy.

B. Referencing multiple instances of a subject being bitchy.
1. We all know Jessica is bitchy but you're lucky you've never gotten stuck with her whole squad! It was such a pain being surrounded by so many people being bitchies.

2. I love that kid but he's got the bitchies so bad that sometimes I just can't even deal with his bitchy-ass.
by BuBuKittyFuhk February 11, 2018
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Being Bored And Itchy
I had sex last night and got bug bites all over my body, now im home and having nothing to do, I hate being bitchy
by drivewaypuddleshallow September 03, 2011
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A woman on her period... that time of the month always makes them bitchy
she was in a very bitchy mood... most people suspected what it was from... she was eating tons of chocolate to prove their point
by Jennie07 January 04, 2007
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Someone smart who knows how to preserve its personal rights- usually use for spies and politicians
His bitchiness finally led him to win
by Davina12 December 22, 2020
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