A girl who makes her friend come to the movies with her just so she can make out with her boyfriend.
I was Casey's make out bitch once, and she didn't even talk to me the whole time!
by briAAAAAA November 22, 2007
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Someone who has consumed lots of various drugs.
1.Wow, I feel like one Drugged out bitch.
2. misty
3. we are all a bunch of drugged out bitches!
by katiep April 06, 2006
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Any one who is out for the count, either sleeping, blacked out due to heavy drug usage or drinking, or someone who's been knocked the fuck out.

A.K.A.: C.O.B. (Cashed Out Bitch)
"Look at Kris Kloeping, he's so fucken high, he melted onto the couch...He's a Cashed Out Bitch!!"

"Dude, look at Gordy George Levi, he got so drunk and cashed out, woke up this mornin', threw up all over his bitch, rolled over and fell asleep again. It's 4pm, what a Cashed Out Bitch!!!"

Walking by the couch on the way out of the house, early in the morning, and someone's laying there asleep, right before closing the door behind you, you turn your head, and as loud as you can shout: Cashed Out Bitch!!! to wake them up...then walk away.

Carlton: "Damn, I love hiking with my camelback, UP camelback mountain!!...but im so drained, I'm a...Cashed Out Bitch!!!

Dr. Adessa:
"Yo, where's fronch? The party's starting!!"

Tokyo: "I dunno, I havent seen him"

Dr.Adessa:"Is that his leg sticking out the bathroom door?"

Tokyo: "Oh shit, he's a Cashed Out Bitch!!!"

Dr. Adessa: "Fuck it, who's gonna lift me for this keg stand?"
by Peace.Love.HOPE.RXR July 31, 2009
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When there is a Bitch in a group of people, you know she is there, and proceed to out smart her in a more subtle and discreet manner. You gather all the information about her that you can dig up and then use the info against her.....in a way that she never knew what hit her. She is still scratching her head and wondering what happened as she is utterly destroyed. It takes a Bitch to spot a Bitch.
"I am sick of listening to that Bitch. I can't believe no one see's how fake she is! I'm going to have to Out-Bitch-da-Bitch!"
by Preachers Daughter June 16, 2016
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1. MHFH awesome players who wear thongs allowing their asses to hang out while being bitchy to one another.
2. Girls who let their ass hang out while bitching about their lives.
At the MHFH sleepover one of the girls was wearing extremly short shorts which allowed her ass to hang out while she was bitching at me for leaving her stuff down stairs. She is such an Ass hanging out Bitches.
by MHFH Goalie September 21, 2010
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To pull out or equip a firearm with haste.
Ight... Guns out bitch! were going to war!
by Eevo Teh Eevee April 08, 2021
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