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1. Someone who is soft, weak or otherwise easily scared. At school this is usually the person who gets their lunch money stolen or is constantly getting pushed into or inside lockers. At the bar they are the one who gets a beer poured on their shirt and does nothing in response.

2. Someone who is made by a bitch and often exemplifies charctheristics of their bitch mother.

3. Used to insult someone or call their toughness into question.
1. Bystander 1: Hey playa, you see dat P Bark kid get his shit stole today and not do anything about it?
Bystander 2: Yeah, that kid is a bitch made ass nigga.

2. Person 1: Yo, I heard Tony's girlfriend just got arrested for selling rock and now he's not going to even bail her out.
Person 2: Yeah, he's a bitch ass made nigga.

3. Instigator: You ain't gonna do shit son. You nothing but a bitch ass made nigga!
by Ru486dan February 20, 2012
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1. Someone who is rich by heritage and acts like they are poor.

2. A person who stabs their friends in the back.

3. Someone who was made by a bitch. (Bitch for a mother.)
This person would also be an asshole.
1. Yo, he says he ghetto, but dat bitch made ass nigga just bought an ipod.

2. Dat bitch made ass nigga stole my DVD's and sold them at the mall!

3. That bitch made ass nigga was pimping his mom on the street corner.
by ArsenicScintilla September 30, 2006
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