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A range of sex acts involving two or more guys and one woman e.g.

1. Spitroast, where one guy fucks the bitch's cunt or ass while the other fucks her mouth.
2. Double penetration, where both guys slide their cocks into the bitch's cunt or ass at the same time.
3. Two up, where one guy fucks the bitch's cunt and the other fucks her ass.

Whatever method is used, the guys should aim to reach orgasm simultaneously. If they achieve this they high five each other as they cum over the bitch.
Willy and Johnny had a great night using Loretta, the town skank, in a bitch kebab.
by Spitroaster October 07, 2007
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Another word for stripper, especially one who is a complete bitch (bitch on a stick).
That girl is addicted to coke now, when she ran out of money she started stripping. Now she's a total bitchkebab.
by merro September 21, 2010
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More than 3 hot chicks together. Translated from French "brochette de salopes"
Wow! what a beautiful bitch kebab!
by FPC_klem April 06, 2004
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