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The phenomenon which seems to be at play when multiple sour and discontent women are gathering together, resulting in a stronger and stronger discontent among them. This 'gravity' draws more and more women to it's growing gravitational center, which in the end becomes strong enough to draw the face muscles downward on the inflicted women - causing what is commonly known as the resting bitch face.

Bitch gravity may also affect women who are neither sour, unhappy or discontent, purely by being close to the gravitational center of a large enough mass of bitches, which explains why lovely and nice women may suffer from a resting bitch face.

No cure for the Bitch Gravity phenomenon has yet been found.
"Dude, the bitch gravity of that group over there is dragging all the girls around them into one sour mass"
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by jackhammer2002 October 30, 2015
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