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When a guy has really lady like fingers he is said to have bitch fingers, implying that he is either a fag who moisturises or hasn't done a day's work in his life. Bitch fingers are common among piano players (but not compulsory).
Oh my god Nige! You have got such bitch fingers!
Get your bitch fingers outa there!
by Thor! September 19, 2005
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When at work, the finger you use when pointing to the "pet" person or "ass kisser" to whom you generally assign the easiest tasks, indicating that they are your bitch.
Jenny is usually the recipient of my bitch-finger, because she always brings me coffee in the morning.
by Michael Chojnacki October 10, 2007
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Your fourth finger. It's like flipping the bird with your fourth finger. By doing this, you are calling someone a bitch...
Mike is such an asshole! When I was getting into my car, he gave me the bitch finger.
by namtrac705 July 10, 2008
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