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A complex emotion that one feels where they hate everyone and everything around them and does not explicitly state it but wants everyone to know. They might make subtle hints or little remarks which personifies the tip of their bitch iceberg.

Bitch feels has also been categorized as all emotions between "Wondering if expressing your discontent is worth it" and "All your problems will be solved if you spontaneously morphed into a cat."
Bitch: Jason's party is probably better right now
Bro: Something the matter?
Bitch: No.
Yoda: Bitch feels, this one has. Burn her, you should.
by JbRocky August 23, 2015
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The emotion one has when he or she hates everyone and everything in the room but does not want to express it but still wants everyone to know it.
Everyone is having fun except one bitch
Me: Hey is something the matter?
Bitch: No *rolls eyes*
Yoda: Strong with this one, the bitch feels are. Kill it with fire, you should.
by JRocky September 20, 2015
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