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Bitch culture is when a Bitch purposefully does Bitchy things and then acts like she is in the right and turns every conflict against the victim while bitching to her other bitches about why she is right always and further enjoys the fact that she is a mega bitch, and then when you try to apologize the bitch tells all her bitch friends that you're Whipped AF and clingy when really all you want is to get along.

then when you've had enough and have a good comeback. bitch EXPLODES, further promoting the prepetual disease of Bitch Culture, until one day, you leave the bitch and she calls you a fuckboy and says all guys are the same...
Victim:I'm sorry baby, I'll come right back with some ice cream, Love you!

Bitch: K

Victim: why are you so rude sometimes?

Bitch: how dare you call me rude you fucking piece of shit, I said OK.

Victim:Actually you said K and it came off as kind of stand off-ish, Is everything K?

Bitch: You are a dick, no wonder your mother doesn't love you, this is why I don't bring you around my bitch friends. K bye.

Bitch Culture, is Fuckgirl} culture
by Spoonman vargasm April 19, 2016
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