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The place where you are sent under extreme levels of bitch from an outside source. Many ex girlfriends, mothers, and politicians come from here.

Bitch City has a mainly monarchist government with one central mayor. She rules over all acts of bitchery including, but not limited to: slashing tires, stopping gay marriage legislation, masturbating to Taylor Lautner, and drowning your new puppy. Its economy is based upon no known systems as bitches tend to make others pay for their every need.

Vacation and Tourism rates have recently reached an all time high in direct correlation to Hillary Clinton's belief that she is a politician.

The mayor of Bitch City may change at any time to fit one's current situation.

Residents of Bitch City can be identified by their generic Facebook defaults in which they are standing with at least 9,000 other girls who all look the same while holding their hand on their hip.

Bitch City was founded mainly by Pilgrims and California whores in 1487.
Bro... she turned out to be the mayor of Bitch City. She wouldn't even give me head in the moon bounce at my brother's seventh birthday party.
by Broseph Stalin III October 12, 2010
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