Someone that likes to be "Fucked and Dominated"
Tubbo: "I learned what bitch boy meant the other day and I feel kinda scarred, I looked it up on urban dictionary. It means someone that likes to be "Fucked and Dominated."
by ArtKiddo_ March 20, 2022
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A male who is a sissy or submissive that like's getting his ass fucked, usually by a dominant woman wearing a strap on
Mistress Theresa made Phillip her Bitch Boy. Sinking her 9" rubber cock deep in his ass!
by Mix it up June 26, 2011
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When someone won't stop whining and complaining like a little bitch, Usually complaining at a video game.
"Oh my god, why am I so trash?? HOW AM I THIS THIS BAD"
"Stop being such a bitch boy Peter"
by BlueSh1ft April 5, 2021
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Can mean one of three things:

1. A degrogatory term referring to a spoiled rich kid, who probably still lives with his mom.

2. The receiver in gay anal sex.

3. A whipped male who gets taken advantage of by females because he thinks that he can get pussy this way, but never does get pussy or gets it at a foolishly high price.

4. A double negative insult. The same as calling someone a bitch and a boy (not a man) at the same time.
1. That stupid bitch boy never had to work for anything in his life.

2. Hey, it's Bill, tell Mark that it's his turn to be the bitch boy tonight.

3. Kai paid Jenn's credit cards off for her again. What a fuckin' bitch boy.

4. Hey motha fucka! why don't you say dat again in my face bitch boy!
by BB1975 May 21, 2004
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a person who is ussually someones bitch, like a little slave peasent boy.
bob-hey bitch boy go get me some water!

bitch boy-yes sir.
by drewinater v 3.8 June 8, 2006
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1. Hits 100k followers and forgets how to act
2. Nauseating God complex
3. Afraid of love
Cameron and I had a thing for a bit, but then he told me I wasn't a good look for his brand. Such a bitch boy!
by @bitchgirl February 7, 2021
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Bitch Boy is a cunt that no one likes.
Oh look its a bitch boy no one fucking likes him.
by hi my freinds November 16, 2020
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