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When a girl is being a real prick to you about something you do not understand or did not know about.
GOD DAMN IT I am going to sign offline because she is being a really Bitch Anus
by emily b January 03, 2004
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a person who's anal cavity has been so often explored that it now permanently has the demensions of a grapefruit.
You know you're a Bitch-anus when:
you fart and you hear a woooooooooosh
your craps come out as chocolate soup rather than chocolate brownies
random objects (such as cellphones, remotes, watches, bedposts, etc...) become lost within the anal cavity and fall out a few days later
your sphincter no longer exists.
your rectum vibrates and it's your friend's self phone
you don't call hot girls back.....damnit

In a sentence: Lindsay, you are such a Bitch-anus. Take that bed post out of your asshole.
by Merlin Lalinmand November 13, 2004
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a girl(or guy if they are gay) being a reallllll ass whole about something or another like they all doo
Amber Rowe i luv you but u are such a Bitch ANUS!! but dont change cause i love the way u are ,...and that ass
by RJ April 13, 2005
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