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Bishops GIRL

Bishops girls are Independent, intelligent and funny girls...They are hard working and can be found either having fun or being constructive. These girls love their drama but knows when they need to chill. These girls are rare and difficult to get back so when you find one treat them right. Bishops girls are ladies of the future and will always be that way...
That girl going Bishops so you better treat her right. Cause that's a Bishops Girl
by Talibear101 December 18, 2018
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Some of the most manliest, hardback, tustiest girls you will ever meet in your life. They always seem to talk shit to each other but never actually do anything. Bishops girl are willing to fuck for fame granted that the person doing the fucking has atleast 100 likes pon d books. Also, they claim that man is shit but tend to have a minimum of 10 man simultaneously.
Boy1: Wait nah.. Daiz not Sha Nia dey
Boy2: Yea, with a new man. She and Bob wasn't together last week ?
Boy1: She is a rell bishops girl 🙄
by SmallPrickTrinityMan February 13, 2017
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