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5 minutes away from hot boys and good food bss is the best girls school in toronto, the girls are smoking hot and they are all smart as hell. The facilities are great and its a very elite school in a great area. even though the girls wear there skirts like belts and have the nickname bitches in sailor suits (BSS) and party hard. BSS or the bish is an amazing school. Havergal are Branksome are no competition for them, and why would they be? bss is a beautiful school with beautiful girls in this most prestigious neighbourhood in Toronto. These girls will go on to change the world.
UCC boy1 : yo did you see that girl? shes hot as hell!!!
UCC boy 2: yea she goes to the bishop strachan school, they all look like that
by coqazwsxedc February 05, 2012
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A shit school located in Toronto, filled with people lacking any self respect. The teachers don't give a shit and the students also don't give a shit. If yolo was a school and also grew up with the attitude of Donald Trump, it would be BSS (although a loan of a million dollars wouldn't cut it probably).
Also located close to UCC, or as people who don't go to UCC call it, a school full of honry guys who will do anything to get head from girls from BSS.
Commonly called Bull Shit School, Bitches in See-through Shirts, Bitches in Short Skirts, etc.
UCC Guy 1: Yo, the other day i fricked a girl from Bishop Strachan School
UCC Guy 2: sweet moves bruh
UCC Guy 1: Her skirt was so short, we just left it on
by ironedpussy September 02, 2016
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