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Bishop Feehan is an academic ass-kicking Catholic high school in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Feehan is know for both it's exceptional academics and highly successful athletic program. In addition, Bishop Feehan consistently turns out some of the most beautiful students in the country. Feehan students are known for their exceptional intelligence, insatiable sexual appetite, ability to have a good time and appallingly good looks. Feehan entertains a rivalry with Attleboro High School mostly out of pity. Feehan's patron saints are Sister Patricia Harrington and Ed Gagnon.
Guy 1: We didn't learn that at Andover.
Feehan student: *sigh* Gagnon taught us that freshman year.
Guy 1: Oh, did you go to Andover?
Feehan student: I went to Bishop Feehan, bitch.
Guy 1: Shit.
by Jesus^2 December 06, 2007
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