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Bishop Useless is the worst high school on Earth. Their athletic program is especially a failure. Seriously, come on- you were beat by Seneca in baseball AND basketball. Jesus. They try to bust on St. Augustine's but every time Bishop Useless plays them in ice hockey especially they are creamed by St. Augustine's. Their academics is also not exactly a "strong point". Just look at their average SAT scores.
I went to Bishop Eustace. Now I am the chief French fry cooker at McDonald's.
by Vertical Hit September 03, 2016
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Eustace? No, Useless is the worst frikken school in the country. They suck at every sport and constantly have their asses handed to them. All guys there have their dicks up their own asses, the girls are all giant ass chodes. St. Augustine Prep always kicks that schools ass at everything, ESPECIALLY HOCKEY. They always loss at every sport. They are the worst school in this country.
Bishop Eustace sucks
by datguy1234 January 20, 2011
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