Someone who cuffs their jeans to show off their sexy ankles, loves Sweater Weather, wears tops with butterflies and flowers on them, and has short-typically polished-nails.
Dylan: There’s a bisexual girl, you can tell because her jeans are cuffed and there’s butterflies on her top.
Tim: Shut the fuck up.
by Pink Lemons March 18, 2020
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most Bisexual Girls tends to fall for every girl she meets yet has very specific standards for guys. It can be very annoying and you are constantly told to "pick a side". Dyed front hair, cuffed jeans, button ups, Sweater Weather, Girl in Red, eyebrow slits, nose rings and awkward peace signs is the starter pack for you average bi girl.
Some Guy; Bro do you see her jeans?
Other Guy; Yeah bro she's Bisexual Girl have you met her gf?
by a depressed bi bitch January 11, 2021
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A female who enjoys both hot dogs and tacos, aka, a female who is okay with having sexual or romantic relations with either sex
Friend: Hey, I heard Mona is going out with Emily, but she used to be into guys, how the fuck did that happen?

Me: She's a bisexual girl, didn't you know?
by PjOHoOTHKC April 22, 2015
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A semi-bisexual girl is a girl who is sexually attracted to only a limited number of girl or girls and does not consider herself a bisexual in the general sense.
Guy 1. I overheard Christine say that she'd fuck Christina Aguilera if she had a chance. I thought she was straight.

Guy.2 Man, she's only a semi-bisexual girl, she only feels that way for Aguilera.
by Infantry7503 April 14, 2007
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This is for anyone that’s feeling non valid as a Demi girl bisexual :)
Hey this is my friend and they’re a valid Demi girl bisexual! Her name is raven and they’re the coolest!
by Frog and cats September 12, 2021
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