a term used when talking about a girl you would do or not
That is one biscuit I will not take a bite of.


I can't wait to munch on that biscuit.
by Spencer Durham December 11, 2008
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A game where a group of guys masterbate. the objective is not be the last to ejaculate on the biscuit, thus resulting the player having to eat the biscuit with everyone elses cemen on it.
Me and 3 - 5 guys are playing biscuit
by jakadak October 6, 2012
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1. A small cake of shortened bread leavened with baking powder or soda.

2. A thin, crisp cracker or cookie. (British)

3. A kind of unraised bread formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard, ie ship biscuit, sea biscuit.
1. I'm gonna have some biscuits and gravy.

2. Biscuits and *WHAT?!*

3. I'm don't even bother to eat 'em anymore. I just use 'em to patch up the boat.
by Laser Potato August 24, 2004
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1:A baked savoury snack to enjoy with beverages such as tea/coffee/milk.
2:A complete dumbass
'Get the rich tea out mary'
'You complete biscuit!'
by suzi September 25, 2004
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Yo, I just dropped a biscuit about 40 minutes ago and now I'm starting to roll.
by MofoSam June 9, 2003
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Slang for the hardware in a hopped up or modded system.
"Your computer is fast! What kind of IT biscuit did you feed it to make it so fast?"


My car is faster now that I installed an IT biscuit in the car's computer.

by James Weyand February 17, 2006
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