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A black-ass nigga (typically so dark that he shines and looks purple) that hits up a fastfood joint three times a day (generally a KFC or a Popeyes Chicken)and only orders a box of biscuits. After receiving the biscuits, the nigga proceeds to go ape shit; engaging in a food frenzy and downing the biscuits without the aid of burr or another alcoholic beverage. You can spot this individual easily, for they always have flakes of biscuit lining their big-ass lips.
Zach: "Hey where is Doug?"

Darren: "Man, that ashy-ass biscuit nigga is probably holdin' up KFC again for some biscuits. That trick will come back wit biscuit crumbs all ova his big, purple, bubba lips.
by Big Snigger July 30, 2006
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