As I learned from a friend who had to spend the weekend in jail for a DUI, "bird" is jail slang for chicken.

Why be so specific and use the word "chicken"? Bird is a more convenient word to memorize for a person with only a 100 word vocabulary.
"Yo, I gonna get my grub on dat bird yo"
by Ant2562001 September 19, 2012
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An amount of money, usually 3 quid. Used in the south of England.
"Hey Jack, lend us a bird!"
by marcw May 20, 2013
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A hot girl. With a nice bud. And knows how to send it
by JonnyMartinez September 23, 2019
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An individual who flocks to popular things. I.E Music, Style, etc.
That bird only listen to Cardi B
by hdub11 March 07, 2018
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A brick of cocaine, slang used to hide the true meaning of your intentions
""13 5 ima let my birds fly."
by infamous dub February 12, 2016
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1. A brick of cocaine

2. A penis
3. A person who looks like a bird
Just picked up a bird for 25 large

Girl 1: was the sex good? Girl 2: he had a big bird but didn’t know how to use it

Dee’s a bird!
by spaghettiD November 13, 2019
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A person who gets told a secret that was supposed to be between them, then they go and tell everyone.
Emma told everyone I like Chad, she’s such a bird.
by i love dogs 123 January 31, 2019
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