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A 'birdcage spud' is a male who loves going to Rehab (a club night) on a Wednesday at Birdcage nightclub, Manchester. This form of male loves to go on the sun beds, go to the gym and wears mainly all saints clothing. This type of person will have one maybe two drinks on a night out but after every night out update the facebook status to "messy messy night!" most probably spelling a few words purposely wrong. These males will spend their entire night looking for females, however will always struggle because they look like cunts. A 'birdcage spud' will never be hungover and will most probably go for a coffee with fellow spuds early the next morning to speak about their 'messy night at Birdcage', this will later be followed by a gym sesh.
Check them birdcage spuds, their boots look stupid.
by legoland April 24, 2011
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