Owner of 2 or more birds
There is a girl who always has her birds all over her, dang, she's a bird lady!
by birdie0000 April 26, 2012
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An english teacher that caws like a bird and makes randy jokes like "Calpurnia should get on the stick." She can be noticed by her noah and the ark dress, and she keeps information on all of her students in a desk drawer, "just in case." She lives in a tree.
"I hated English today."

"Yeah, that woman is such a bird-lady."
by Billiemarie Marshall June 17, 2008
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The crazy homeless lady who used to live in Brooklyn, NY near Park Slope on 5th Avenue. She banged her head into the wall so hard it took a chunk out of her forehead, which resembles a woodpecker. She talked to birds. When you gave her crackers instead of money, she'd get angry and chase you and extremely yell at you.
"Don't give me crackers you stupid cunt!" - crazy bird lady
"I love you my pretty birdys!" - crazy bird lady
by teheXD12345678910 June 15, 2009
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Former President Lyndon Johnson's Wife... and yes, she was all of the above!
Lady Bird Johnson was responsible for removal of all (in HER opinion) "tacky" road signs along old highway 66 in the mid 1960's, thus a part of our colorful history is gone forever.
by Mr. Music December 4, 2005
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Bird is a street term for cocaine. The bird lady is a female who heavily sells cocaine.
My mom's the bird lady. She's flipping the birds all day every day.
by bitchwebangin October 25, 2017
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